Professions Quest staff will develop and publish virtual, interprofessional and interactive multiplayer learning solutions targeted toward health professions education institutions and health professions students. Professions Quest’s products and services represent a unique vehicle for interprofessional education – and will deliver increased interaction, collaboration and knowledge among the health professions and health professions students.


“House Call”

An unconscious student is found on the campus grounds and it is now up to our team to investigate the cause of her illness. However, the team quickly finds that nothing is as simple as it first appears and danger can come from the most unlikely places.

“Sick Beats”

Concert goers suddenly become violently sick and only our team can solve this mystery. Is it the food or something else? Can all the team members do their part to figure things out before the last beat drops?

“The Beast”

Teams discover a murder mystery, where the possible victim died due to a contagious animal bite. They search for the animal and try to find the explanation of the death. Students will encounter multiple obstacles to their investigation and will have to show excellent team work and deductive reasoning as well as critical thinking skills.

“Feeling Alienated”

A ship has crashed and disease has been spreading in the surrounding area. Players will need to figure out what the connection is, develop an antidote for the patients sick, and treat them.

“Ethical Evolution”

A new genetic altering treatment is going on in a space colony. Is it helpful or harmful? Players will be investigating this new treatment and determining if the treatment should continue or be banned.

“Re-Warding” (In-Development)

Players will work as a team to build a hospital using patient satisfaction.


Technical Specifications

OS: Windows Vista SP1 or later, Mac OS X

Processor: Any Quad-core AMD or Intel Processor

Memory (RAM): 2GB or more

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1GB Video Card or AMD equivalent

Hard Drive: 5GB free space